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fan base

find your day one fans or take the next step and expand your existing audience. after 10 years of curating the dynmk sound, our community of music enthusiasts is here to discover you.

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artwork & graphics

whether it's on streaming platforms or visuals on social media, the artwork is often the first touch point for listeners with your release.
they see your song before they hear it. let's make sure it's not just seen but remembered.

digital marketing

whether it's a website, linkinbio page, newsletter or other means of digital promotion, we can help you expand your marketing efforts in the digital sphere.


don't just jump from single release to single release. let your fans get to know you and discover your vision as an artist.
let us help you tell that story.

content strategy

your music doesn't have to be the only content to grow your fanbase. with the right strategy and channels, you can build your brand and find new fans. we can help you identify those channels and develop a strategy in line with your brand.

production consultancy

after more than ten years of receiving submissions for dynmk on a daily basis, we can't promise you the next number one hit (spoiler: nobody can) but we can give you a few points in the right direction.

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let us hear your music to see if it fits our label and whether we have the right audience for you.